AppCheck Anti-ransomware

Why use AppCheck Anti-ransomware?

Protects organizations of all sizes from modern-day ransomwares

Proactive Protection and file damaging behaviour

Detect various ransomware behaviours and roll-back the change using CARB Engine.

Scheduled Backup

Periodically backup user defined folder with history accumulation, and protect the backup.

Automatic Remediation

Automatically block and remediate when ransomware behavior is detected.

Shared Folder Protection

Protect when ransomware damages files in shared folder.

MBR/GPT Protection

Protection from ransomwares and malwares modifying both MBR(Master Boot Record) and GPT(GUID Partition Table).

About Appcheck Pro

Next Generation Endpoint Anti-Ransomware Solution

The AppCheck Anti-Ransomware protects organizations of all sizes from modern-day ransomwares. Prevent, detect and recover damaged files from ransomware with the next generation context awareness ransomware behavior detection engine.


AppCheck Pro

Protect your files from modern-day ransomware

Real-time anti-ransomware protection

  • Prevent file-lock ransomware attacks.
  • Automatically roll-back damaged files by ransomwares.
  • Easily add and customize file extension monitoring list.

Context-awareness based detection engine

  • Context Awareness Based Ransomware Behavior Engine autonomously categorizes unwanted file change at its modification.
  • Stop zero-day ransomwares such as memory-mapped, script-based, hard-link based file destruction attacks.
  • Automatically recover damaged files by ransomwares and remove files that are created by ransomwares.

Deploy at any scale, cloud and on-premises

  • Silent deployment feature enables zero impact to end-users activity.
  • Minimized resource usage provides efficient yet powerful proactive ransomware defense system.
  • Allows co-existence with existing AV and security products, doesn’t requires change of current infrastructure.
  • Completely independent from cloud, doesn't affect detection rate even in offline.

Protect information assets

  • RansomGuard keeps original files only about to damage, increasing efficiency of disk space.
  • Integrated scheduled backup adds another layer of safety and provides alternative for recovery in case of detection failure.
  • Detect and block unwanted file destruction of network shared folder from remote PC.

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